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Fig. 1

From: Interleukin-1 receptor type 1 is overexpressed in neurons but not in glial cells within the rat superficial spinal dorsal horn in complete Freund adjuvant-induced inflammatory pain

Fig. 1

Specificity of the anti-IL-1R1 antibody and distribution of IL-1R1 immunoreactivity in the spinal dorsal horn. a Adsorption of anti-IL-1R1 antibody to recombinant IL-1R1 peptide completely abolished the immunostaining. b Western blot analysis reinforces the specificity of the anti-IL-1R1 antibody. The single immunoreactive band indicates that the antibody detects a protein with a molecular mass of ~80 kDa that corresponds to the molecular weight of IL-1R1. c, d Micrographs showing immunoreactivity for IL-1R1 in control (c) and CFA-injected rats (d) 3 days after CFA-injection. Bars 100 μm

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