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Table 1 Albumin, mono-, and polynuclear cells in CSF of HSE and HSM patients

From: CXCL11 production in cerebrospinal fluid distinguishes herpes simplex meningitis from herpes simplex encephalitis

   HSE HSM p
CSF albumin (mg/L)a Median (range) 617 (215–1010) 762 (345–2385) 0.072
CSF monunuclear cells (×106/L) Median (range) 118.5 (22–272) 206.5 (69–916) 0.0064
CSF polynuclear cells (×106/L) Median (range) 2.5 (0–34) 5 (1–57) 0.24
  1. a For one patient with HSE and three patients with HSM CSF albumin data could not be obtained
  2. Abbreviations: HSE herpes simplex encephalitis, HSM Herpes simplex meningitis, CSF Cerebrospinal fluid