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Fig. 11

From: MHC class II expression and potential antigen-presenting cells in the retina during experimental autoimmune uveitis

Fig. 11

Validation of RNA-Seq data at the protein level. At day 21, after disease induction, the retinas were carefully dissected, cut into small pieces, and dissociated by enzymatic digestion. The single-cell suspensions, excluding dead cells (DAPI+) were analyzed by flow cytometry for MHC class II, CD45, CD11b, Ly6C, and either F4/80, LCN2, or Cysltr1 expression using fluorochrome-conjugated specific antibodies. Data are from one representative mouse out of two independent experiments involving six independent EAU animals. Data represented: percentage of cells expressing the marker and mean fluorescence intensity (MFI). Below dot plots, respective gene symbols, gene names, Log2FC and FDR for each marker are indicated. a Lcn2 differential expression by Plus and Minus cells. b Cysltr1 differential expression by Plus and Minus cells. c F4/80 differential expression by NH, Plus, and Minus cells

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