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Fig. 5

From: Effects of FTY720 on brain neurogenic niches in vitro and after kainic acid-induced injury

Fig. 5

Treatment with FTY720 does not affect the number of NG2+ cells at the level of lateral ventricle. a, b Quantitative analysis of BrdU+ and NG2+/BrdU+ cells. Positive cells were counted using confocal acquired images in the corpus callosum at the level of lateral ventricle (ipsilateral hemisphere). NG2 and BrdU colocalization was determined examining three-dimensional orthogonal reconstruction of confocal layers (ImageJ software). Data are presented as a mean of positive cells per mm2 ± SEM and b percentage NG2+ cells over BrdU+ total cells per mm2. Statistical analysis: unpaired t test, two-tailed. N = 4 for each experimental group. c Representative double Z-stack maximal projection of immufluorescence staining for BrdU and NG2 in the corpus callosum (KA + FTY720 group). Scale bar: 50 μm. d Schematic diagram of measured areas in white matter ipsilateral hemisphere (lateral ventricle level)

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