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Table 1 Number of animals per group for all experiments in study

From: Age exacerbates microglial activation, oxidative stress, inflammatory and NOX2 gene expression, and delays functional recovery in a middle-aged rodent model of spinal cord injury

Number of animals per group and experiment
Age Injured/naïve Function Immunohistochemistry Lesion volume Biochemistry/PCR
3 months old Naïve 12 4 0 4
12 months old Naïve 10 4 0 4
3 months old Injured 18 4 6 4
12 months old Injured 17 4 6 4
  1. Animals were first divided by age (3 or 12-months old) and injury type (naïve or injured). Functional analysis was performed on all animals in study. Animals used in function experiments were sacrificed and divided into subgroups for tissue experiments (immunohistochemistry, lesion volume, and biochemistry/PCR)