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Table 1 Animal models of inflammatory neuropathies including references

From: Novel pathomechanisms in inflammatory neuropathies

Animal model Induction Possible antigens Description Ref.
 Lewis Active PNS myelin, P0(180–199), P2(53–78), P2(57–81) Frequently used EAN models rev. in [208] e.g., [209,210,211]
Active PMP22 Mild course EAN [78]
Active PNS myelin + Cyclosporine A CIDP-like chronic relapsing, not robust [86]
Adoptive transfer P0, P2, P0(180–199), P2(61–70), MAG Rapid onset EAN, CIDP-like relapsing if transferred repeatedly rev. in [94, 208]
 BN, SD, BUF, Wistar Active PNS myelin Less-severe EAN course [212]
 Dark Agouti Active PNS myelin CIDP-like relapsing [85]
 C57/B6 Active P0(180–199), P0(106–125) + PTx Varying effectiveness reported [213, 214]
 IL10 over-expressing C57/B6 Spontaneous CIDP-like, demyelination, muscle weakness, paralysis, axonal loss [97]
 SJL Active P2 Mild course EAN [215]
Myelin + PTx (+ IL-12) Severe course EAN [216]
 Balb/C Adoptive transfer Myelin basic protein Peripheral and central demyelination [217]
 NOD Active Oral C. jejuni Mild course acute motor axonal neuropathy (AMAN) [83]
 IL-10−/− NOD Active Oral C. jejuni Acute motor axonal neuropathy (AMAN) [83]
 B7-2−/− NOD Spontaneous Spontaneous autoimmune neuropathy
Active Oral C. jejuni Acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (AIDP) [83]
 ICAM−/− NOD Spontaneous Spontaneous autoimmune neuritis [107]
 PD-1−/− + H-2b NOD Spontaneous   Autoimmune peripheral neuropathy [110]
 IL-2 mAb depleted NOD Spontaneous   Autoimmune peripheral neuropathy [106]
 Aire GW/+ NOD Spontaneous   Autoimmune peripheral neuropathy, CIDP-like [112]
 ICOS/ICOS-L−/− NOD Spontaneous   Multifocal autoimmune neuropathy [111]
 Guinea pig Active PNS myelin   [218]
 Monkey Active PNS myelin, P2   [219]
  1. Abbreviations: AIDP acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, BN Brown Norway rat, BUF Buffalo rat, CIDP chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy, EAN experimental autoimmune neuritis, GBS Guillain-Barré syndrome, IL Interleukin, NOD non-obese diabetic, P0 myelin protein zero, P2 myelin protein, PMP peripheral myelin protein, PNS peripheral nervous system, PTx pertussis toxin, Ref reference, rev reviewed, SD Sprague Dawley rat, SJL Swiss Jim Lambert mouse