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Fig. 1

From: WWL70 protects against chronic constriction injury-induced neuropathic pain in mice by cannabinoid receptor-independent mechanisms

Fig. 1

WWL70 dose dependently alleviated neuropathic pain in CCI mice. At days 0, 3, and 6 after surgery, mechanical thresholds were evaluated by the “Up-Down” method using von Frey filaments (a) and thermal withdrawal latency was determined by the Hargreaves test (b). Treatment with WWL70 at 10 mg/kg significantly increased thermal withdrawal latency and mechanical thresholds compared to the vehicle group. However, at lower doses, WWL70 had no effect, although there was a trend towards the increased tactile threshold and withdrawal latency when treated with 5 mg/kg. *p < 0.05 was obtained when the WWL70 treated group was compared to the CCI vehicle group; ***p < 0.001 compared to baseline (mean ± S.E.M., n = 8/group)

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