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Fig. 2

From: WWL70 protects against chronic constriction injury-induced neuropathic pain in mice by cannabinoid receptor-independent mechanisms

Fig. 2

The anti-allodynic and anti-hyperalgesic effects of WWL70 in CCI mice were independent of cannabinoid receptor activation. Co-administration of WWL70 (10 mg/kg) with either CB1R antagonist AM281 (3 mg/kg) (a, b) or CB2R receptor antagonist AM630 (3 mg/kg) (c, d) in the CCI mice resulted in similar anti-allodynic and anti-hyperalgesia effects compared to the WWL70 alone treatment group. Treatment with AM630 itself exhibited an exaggerated thermal hyperalgesia compared to the CCI vehicle group on day 3. #p < 0.05 (d). No changes were seen by AM281 treatment alone (b). *p < 0.05 was obtained when the CCI vehicle group was compared to the WWL70, WWL70 plus AM281, and WWL70 plus AM630 treatment groups (ad; mean ± S.E.M., n = 7/group)

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