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Table 1 Rat Fcgr primer and probe sets

From: Fc gamma receptors are expressed in the developing rat brain and activate downstream signaling molecules upon cross-linking with immune complex

Assay IDa Gene Gene accession number Amplification efficiency
Rn.PT.53a.13499403 FcgrIa NM_001100836 0.97
Rn.PT.53a.37633364 FcgrIIa NM_053843 0.90
Rn.PT.53a.36530803 FcgrIIb NM_175756 0.80
Rn.PT.53a.8706390 FcgrIIIa NM_207603 0.79
Rn.PT.53a.35905066 Fcgrt NM_033351 0.86
Rn.PT.42.8715862 Pgk1 NM_053291 0.86
  1. Pgk1 was used as a reference gene
  2. aAll primers and probes were obtained from Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)