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Table 1 Cytokine expression panel comparing H67D HFE and WT macrophages

From: The role of HFE genotype in macrophage phenotype

Cytokines Control media treatment LPS media treatment
H67D vs. WT H67D vs. WT
sICAM-1 0.97-Fold 0.76-Fold***
IL-1α 0.89-Fold 0.66-Fold
IL-1β 1.21-Fold 0.97-Fold
IL-1ra 1.26-Fold 1.27-Fold*
IL-10 1.82-Fold 1.09-Fold
IL-16 1.18-Fold 0.77-Fold
IL-17 1.55-Fold 1.44-Fold
IL-23 nd 0.48-Fold
KC 0.76-Fold 1.65-Fold
M-CSF 0.77-Fold** 0.90-Fold
JE 1.01-Fold 1.51-Fold****
MIP-2 0.38-Fold 1.76-Fold****
RANTES 1.35-Fold 0.95-Fold
TNF-α 1.41-Fold 1.2-Fold
TREM-1 0.95-Fold 0.6-Fold*
  1. Cell lysates from macrophages conditioned with control media or 50 ng/ml LPS were analyzed on a nitrocellulose membrane containing 40 different cytokines. The membranes were exposed using GE Amersham Imager 600. Of the 40 cytokines, 15 cytokines (represented in the table) had measurable levels of expression in at least one condition. Five of the 15 had genotype-specific responses to LPS and only one had differences in the non-LPS stimulated cells. Data are reported as fold change of H67D macrophages compared to WT. Statistical significance was measured using a one-way ANOVA. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001. ****p < 0.0001