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Fig. 1

From: Nuclear receptor agonist-driven modification of inflammation and amyloid pathology enhances and sustains cognitive improvements in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Fig. 1

Bexarotene treatment and discontinuation paradigm. Twelve-month-old APP/PS1 or wildtype (WT) littermate mice were divided into two groups: “14 days on” or “14 days on + 14 days off.” Both groups were treated daily for 14 days with bexarotene or vehicle (water), and novel object recognition (NOR) was performed on the 13th day, but the 14 days on the group was sacrificed on the 14th treatment day. The 14 days on + 14 days off group was then subject to a discontinuation phase from bexarotene treatment for days 15 to 29, with NOR performed on day 28 and sacrifice on day 29. Stars indicate molecular endpoints for each group consisting of protein, ELISA, and IHC analyses. Each treatment phase was performed separately, and groups were combined for behavioral and molecular analyses

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