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Fig. 3

From: Mitochondrial damage and “plugging” of transport selectively in myelinated, small-diameter axons are major early events in peripheral neuroinflammation

Fig. 3

Depletion of functional mitochondria from the photo-bleached segment of axons induces a compensatory increase in anterograde mitochondrial transport proximal to the bleached site. a Tile image of saphenous nerve prior to photo-bleaching labeled with TMRM (red; healthy mitochondria) and IB4 (green; IB4+ C fibers, connective tissue); area exposed to the photo-bleaching is outlined in white. b Tile image of saphenous nerve immediately after the photo-bleaching, labeled with TMRM and IB4. Axons traversing the photo-bleached area and areas proximal (region 1 outlined in yellow) and distal (region 5 outlined in yellow) to the photo-bleached area were used for measurements of mitochondrial transport before and after the photo-bleach. c In axons proximal to the photo-bleached area, the number of transported mitochondria was measured before and after photo-bleach. The number of anterogradely moving mitochondria was significantly greater (**p = 0.008, repeated measures ANOVA; n = 8) after the photo-bleach than before the photo-bleach, whereas there were no differences in numbers of mitochondria moving retrogradely before and after the photo-bleach. d In axons distal to the photo-bleached area, there were no statistically significant differences in the numbers of mitochondria moving in direction either before or after the photo-bleach (p > 0.05, repeated measures ANOVA, n = 12)

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