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Fig. 1

From: The Aβ protofibril selective antibody mAb158 prevents accumulation of Aβ in astrocytes and rescues neurons from Aβ-induced cell death

Fig. 1

mAb158 reduces Aβ accumulation in astrocytes. Exposure of co-cultures to Aβ42-555 protofibrils for 24 h results in large Aβ inclusions in astrocytes (a). Concurrent addition of mAb158 clearly reduces the intracellular Aβ42-555 in astrocytes (b). However, mAb158 added 3 days after the Aβ42-555 protofibril exposure had no effect on Aβ42-555 accumulation (c). Using the Zen software, the 555-intensity and 555-stained area of the inclusions were measured. The 555-intensity/number of living cells (d), 555-intensity/number of Aβ inclusions (e), and total 555-stained area of Aβ-555 inclusions (f) decreased significantly in co-cultures treated with Aβ42-555 protofibrils + mAb158, compared to cultures exposed to Aβ42-555 protofibrils only or cultures treated with mAb158 3 days after Aβ42-555 protofibril exposure. Confocal imaging demonstrates intracellular co-localization of Aβ42-555 protofibrils and mAb158 in astrocyte (g). GFAP (green), DAPI (blue), mAb158 (white), and Aβ42-555 (red). The image is an orthogonal view of a confocal z-stack image. The XZ plane and YZ plane are shown at the top and to the right of the XY image, respectively. Scale bar 20 μm. The experiments were performed in triplicates with independent cell cultures, and 10 images/experiment were analyzed. Statistical analysis using Mann–Whitney U test (***P < 0.001)

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