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Fig. 7

From: The Aβ protofibril selective antibody mAb158 prevents accumulation of Aβ in astrocytes and rescues neurons from Aβ-induced cell death

Fig. 7

Proteosomal or endosomal-lysosomal inhibitors do not alter the mAb158-mediated effects on Aβ accumulation in astrocytes. Co-cultures were incubated with the proteosomal inhibitor mg-132 or the lysosomal inhibitor bafilomycin for 30 min prior to the Aβ42 protofibril exposure and mAb158 treatment. The inhibitors were also present during the 24-h exposure. Neither of the inhibitors affected the mAb158-mediated reduction of Aβ deposits (ad). Measurement of 555-intensity/number of living cells (e), 555-intensity/number of Aβ inclusions (f), and total 555-stained area of Aβ inclusions (g) demonstrated that there was a significant reduction in Aβ inclusions in Aβ42 protofibril-exposed cultures when co-treated with mAb158 + bafilomycin or mAb158 + mg-132. This confirms that the inhibitors did not interfere with the action of mAb158. GFAP (green), DAPI (blue), and Aβ (red). Scale bar 20 μm. The experiments were performed in triplicates with independent cell cultures, and 10 images/experiment were analyzed using Mann–Whitney U test (**P < 0.01)

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