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Fig. 3

From: Urate inhibits microglia activation to protect neurons in an LPS-induced model of Parkinson’s disease

Fig. 3

Urate suppresses proinflammatory cytokine expression in BV2 cells and rat primary microglia. ad BV2 cells (a, b; n = 4) and primary microglia (c, d; n = 4) were pretreated for 30 min with indicated concentrations of urate followed by LPS for 6 h. IL-1β and TNF-α transcription levels were analyzed by quantitative real-time PCR and normalized to that of GAPDH. Untreated cells served as a control (ctr). Data represent the mean ± SD. ***p < 0.001 vs. control group; ###p < 0.001 vs. LPS group (one-way analysis of variance)

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