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Table 2 Antibodies used for (A) Chipcytometry and (B) flow cytometry

From: Immunophenotyping of cerebrospinal fluid cells by Chipcytometry

Epitope Clone Company Dilution
 CD3 UCHT1 BD 1:100
 CD4 RPA-T4 Biolegend 1:100
 CD8 RPA-T8 BD 1:30
 CD14 RMO52 Beckman Coulter 1:30
 CD16 3G8 Biolegend 1:100
 CD19 HIB 19 eBioscience 1:100
 CD24 ML5 Biolegend 1:300
 CD25 M-A251 BD 1:50
 CD27 LG.3A10 Biolegend 1:300
 CD38 HB7 BD 1:50
 CD45RA HI100 Biolegend 1:400
 CD54 HA58 BD 1:30
 CD56 AF12-7H3 Miltenyi Biotec 1:30
 HLA-DR G46-6 BD 1:50
 IgD IA6-2 Biolegend 1:30
 IgM MHM-88 Biolegend 1:250
 IgG IS11-3B2.2.3 Miltenyi Biotec 1:100
 IgA IS11-8E10 Miltenyi Biotec 1:200
 Kappa light chain MHK-49 Biolegend 1:200
 Lambda light chain MHL-38 Biolegend 1:200
 CD3 (PC 5.5) UCHT1 Beckman Coulter 1:200
 CD4 (APC) 12B8.2 Beckman Coulter 1:200
 CD8 (pacific blue) B9.11 Beckman Coulter 1:200
 CD14 (FITC) RM052 Beckman Coulter 1:200
 CD19 (APC-A700) J3-119 Beckman Coulter 1:200
 CD45 (krome orange) J.33 Beckman Coulter 1:200
  1. All antibodies used for Chipcytometry were labeled with the fluorochrome phycoerythrin (PE). The fluorochromes used in flow cytometry are indicated in parentheses