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Table 3 Serum irisin concentrations at admission prediction of PSD with AUROC

From: Decreased level of irisin, a skeletal muscle cell-derived myokine, is associated with post-stroke depression in the ischemic stroke population

Irisin Risk factors Risk factors with IRISIN Incremental area (P) NRI (P) IDI (P)
At admission 0.74 0.77 0.81 0.04 (0.02) 0.13 (0.003) 0.06 (0.01)
  1. PSD post-stroke depression, NIHSS National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale, mRS Modified Rankin Scale, BMI body mass index, Hs-CRP high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, HCY homocysteine, HDL-C high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, LDL-C low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, TG triglyceride, TC total cholesterol, HOMA-IR homeostatic model of assessment insulin resistance, IL-6 interleukin-6
  2. Established risk factors including age, sex, BMI, stroke etiology, the NIHSS score, infarct volume, pre-stroke and acute treatment, vascular risk factors, mRS at follow-up, family history of psychiatric disorders, lesion location, living with offspring, widowhood, HOMA-IR, blood levels of glucose, Hs-CRP, HCY, IL-6, TG, TC, HDL, LDL, and serotonin
  3. Comparison of AUROCs: established risk factors without irisin levels vs. established risk factors with irisin levels