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Fig. 5 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 5

From: RNA sequencing analysis reveals quiescent microglia isolation methods from postnatal mouse brains and limitations of BV2 cells

Fig. 5

Transcriptional comparison of BV2 cells with primary microglia. a Volcano plots of genes showing the magnitude (log2 (fold change), x-axis) and significance (−log10 (adjusted P value), y-axis) for cultured BV2 cells compared to cultured microglia isolated with either MACS or shaking methods. Each spot represents a transcript. The horizontal red line indicates statistical significance threshold (adjusted P value < 0.05). Two vertical red lines show the threshold of fold changes (log2 (fold change) > 2 or <− 2). Number of significantly different transcripts was indicated in the corner. b Venn diagram showing similarities and differences of up- and downregulated transcripts of BV2 cells compared to MACS- or shaking-derived microglia analyzed in a. cf Biological processes and pathways such as cell cycle (c), DNA damage (d), cell adhesion (e), as well as immune response and inflammation (f), enriched in microglia (green) and BV2 cells (blue)

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