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Fig. 1

From: Elimination of intravascular thrombi prevents early mortality and reduces gliosis in hyper-inflammatory experimental cerebral malaria

Fig. 1

IL-10 KO mice have residual fibrin deposition in and around brain vasculature and increased liver fibrinogen. a Confocal images (× 20) showing immunofluorescent staining of fixed, frozen brain sections (30 μm) from P. chabaudi-infected IL-10 KO and WT mice (day 8 p.i., n = 4 mice/group). Fibrin (red) and tomato lectin (green, vascular endothelium). b Fibrin (red) was quantified by surveying 10 fields per brain section (× 10). Graph showing average percent area of fibrin-positive staining above threshold in each field. c Immunofluorescent staining (× 10) and quantitation of fibrinogen (red) in liver from infected IL-10 KO, WT, and uninfected controls (n = 4 mice/group). One-way ANOVA, followed by post hoc Bonferroni method, was used to determine statistical significance. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01. Scale bar represents 100 μm

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