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Fig. 2

From: Elimination of intravascular thrombi prevents early mortality and reduces gliosis in hyper-inflammatory experimental cerebral malaria

Fig. 2

Vascular congestion in IL-10 KO mice with malaria includes thrombi-containing monocytes and T cells. Immunofluorescent staining of fixed, frozen brain sections (30 μm) from P. chabaudi-infected IL-10 KO mice (day 8 p.i., n = 4 mice). a Confocal images (× 40) of IL-10 KO brain stained for fibrin (red). b Successive single-plane confocal images (× 40) of a 30-μm z-stack showing complete occlusion of a large vessel with residual fibrinogen (red). c Immunofluorescence staining of IL-10 KO brains showing fibrin staining of blood vessels (red) and leukocytes expressing CD45 (green, × 60) and d CD11b (green, × 40). e CTV+ CD4 T cells (blue) from infected IL-10 KO mice were adoptively transferred into infection-matched IL-10 KO (day 7 p.i.) recipients 3.5 h before sacrifice. Frozen brain sections (day 7 p.i.) were stained for fibrin (red). Max intensity projection of a 30-μm z-stack (× 240) displayed from brain tissue of IL-10 KO mice co-stained with WT control samples (n = 3–4 mice per group). Scale bars represent 30 μm (a), 50 μm (bd), or 10 μm (d)

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