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Fig. 5 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 5

From: Targeted intracerebral delivery of the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL13 promotes alternative activation of both microglia and macrophages after stroke

Fig. 5

Different morphology of microglia and macrophages at day 14 after ischemic stroke. Representative photomicrographs with subsequent magnified images represent different morphology of microglia/macrophages in a intact contralateral hemisphere, b border of the ischemic lesion of ipsilateral hemisphere, and c the core of the ischemic lesion of ipsilateral hemisphere. eGFP+ microglia display at least three distinct phenotypes at day 14 after stroke including ramified cells (top row), intermediate cells (middle row), and amoeboid cells (bottom row). RFP+ macrophages show oval or round shape without apparent processes. F4/80+ cells, alternatively activated cells, display intermediate and amoeboid shape. Scale bar 50 μm

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