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Table 1 Summary of antibodies used for immunohistochemistry

From: Complement components are upregulated and correlate with disease progression in the TDP-43Q331K mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Antibody Manufacturer Dilution In combination with one of the following antibodies
Rat anti-mouse C5aR1 Bio-Rad 1:250 GFAP, Iba-1 or ChAT
Rat anti-mouse C1q Hycult Biotechnology 1:1000 GFAP, Iba-1 or ChAT
Goat anti-mouse ChAT Merck 1:100 C1q or C5aR1
Rabbit anti-mouse Iba-1 Wako 1:400 C1q or C5aR1
Mouse anti-rat GFAP BD Biosciences 1:1000 C1q or C5aR1