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Fig. 2 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 2

From: Temporal changes in macrophage phenotype after peripheral nerve injury

Fig. 2

RNASeq and NanoString data demonstrate mixed expression of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory genes over time. a Scatter plot of log2 fold changes between day 5 and 14 in macrophage gene expression detected by RNASeq (FPKM > 5) and NanoString panel. Linear regression and 95% CI are shown. b, c Differences in gene expression on NanoString panel between days 3 and 5, and 5 and 14 expressed as volcano plots. P values for NanoString data for 90 genes were obtained from nSolver software, with the false discovery rate (FDR) corrected level of significance (dotted line). Significance set at p < 0.05. Macrophages were sorted from sciatic nerves of BALB/cJ mice that were transected and repaired with an empty conduit 3, 5, or 14 days before harvest. Different mice were used for RNASeq and NanoString (n = 3 and 5 per time point)

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