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Fig. 4

From: Temporal changes in macrophage phenotype after peripheral nerve injury

Fig. 4

M(−) BMDM show moderate to high expression of genes that are commonly associated with a pro-regenerative/M2 phenotype. Cluster analysis of log transformed gene expression data from BMDM that were stimulated in vitro with polarizing ligands IL4 or IFNγ+LPS. Three transgenic mouse strains and their background WT strains were compared. Clustering was performed separately by background strain. In both groups, M(−) BMDM expressed many genes that are classically considered pro-regenerative or M2 (a, cluster 2; b, cluster 3). a Ifngr1−/− showed a distinct pattern of gene expression after IFNγ+LPS stimulation, but Il10rb−/− showed no difference from WT. b Il4ra−/− did not respond to IL4 stimulation and Il4ra−/− M(IL4) clustered with WT M(−). n = 4–5/group

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