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Fig. 7

From: Temporal changes in macrophage phenotype after peripheral nerve injury

Fig. 7

Il4ra−/− and Ifngr1−/− produce minimal changes in macrophage gene expression in injured nerve. a Macrophages from Il4ra−/− mice had significantly higher expression of Pak1, part of the VEGF/angiogenesis pathway, at all time points (days 3, 5, and 14) compared to WT controls. b Ifngr1−/− causes reduced expression of Col1a2, Pdgfb and Cx3cr1 (the receptor for fractaline), which are all known to be important in peripheral nerve repair. Volcano plot of NanoString data comparing the fold difference in macrophage gene expression between Il4ra−/− mice and Ifngr1−/− with WT at key time points after sciatic nerve repair. P values were obtained from nSolver software, with the false discovery rate corrected level of significance indicated by the horizontal dotted line. Significance set at p < 0.05

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