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Table 1 Antibodies applied for western blot

From: Vitexin reduces epilepsy after hypoxic ischemia in the neonatal brain via inhibition of NKCC1

Antibody Host Company Cat. no. Dilution Duration
NKCC1 Goat Santa Cruz Biotechnology Sc-21545 1:500 Overnight 4 °C
ZO-1 Rabbit Invitrogen RA231621 1:100 Overnight 4 °C
β-actin Mouse Protein tech HRP-60008 1:10000 Overnight 4 °C
Anti-goat IgG-HRP Rabbit Protein tech SA00001-4 1:1000 1 h RT
Anti-rabbit IgG-HRP Goat PMK Biotech PMK-014-090 1:100000 1 h RT