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Fig. 1

From: Ex vivo model of epilepsy in organotypic slices—a new tool for drug screening

Fig. 1

Representative photograph of a combined entorhinal cortex-hippocampus slice immediately after dissection. a All slices include the cornu ammonis (CA), dentate gyrus (DG), entorhinal cortex (EC), and perirhinal cortex (PC). b, c Schematic representation of culture maintenance protocol for organotypic slices control (CTL) and with spontaneous epileptiform activity (EL). b CTL slices were grown in Opti-MEM-based medium supplemented with 25% horse serum (HS). Medium renewal, starting at 3 days in vitro (DIV), was performed twice a week. c In EL slices, at 3 DIV, the medium was changed to Neurobasal A-based medium in the presence of decreasing concentrations of HS (15, 10, and 5%) until complete serum-free medium was reached at 9 DIV. Medium renewal, starting at 3 DIV, was performed every second day

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