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Fig. 6

From: Ex vivo model of epilepsy in organotypic slices—a new tool for drug screening

Fig. 6

Representative morphology of astrocytes in organotypic slices control (CTL) and with spontaneous epileptiform activity (EL) at 14 DIV. Images of GFAP-stained astrocytes (green) and Hoechst-stained nuclei (blue) were acquired on a confocal laser microscope (Zeiss LSM 710) with a 20x objective. Magnified images of the dashed areas are shown. a In CTL slices, most astrocytes show thin processes with preservation of singular domains. b In EL slices, astrocytes have hypertrophic cell bodies, with extensive overlap of astrocytic processes and disruption of individual domains. Scale bars, 50 μm

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