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Fig. 2

From: Inflammation and blood-brain barrier breach remote from the primary injury following neurotrauma

Fig. 2

Semi-quantification of iNOS and Arg1 immunoreactivity in ventral ON vulnerable to secondary degeneration. Mean ± SEM fluorescence intensity of a iNOS and c Arg1 in the control optic nerve and at 3, 7, and 28 days following partial optic nerve transection, in ventral optic nerve vulnerable to secondary degeneration are shown. * indicates significantly different from normal (p ≤ 0.05), n = 10/group. Representative low- and high-magnification images of b iNOS and d Arg1 in the ventral aspect of the optic nerve are shown in control uninjured, 3, 7, and 28 days after injury. Examples of iNOS- and Arg1-positive cells are indicated by “>.” Scale bar of b and d: 40 μm top images and 10 μm bottom images for each

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