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Fig. 6

From: Increased hypothalamic microglial activation after viral-induced pneumococcal lung infection is associated with excess serum amyloid A production

Fig. 6

SAA increased cytokine expression in primary microglia, which was blocked by AT-RvD1. Gene expression of a TNFα, b IL-1β, c IL-6 and d CCL-2 from primary microglia cultured in DMEM/F-12 medium and stimulated with S. pneumoniae (MOI of 1), recombinant SAA (1 μM), recombinant SAA with the addition of aspirin-triggered resolving D1 (RvD1, 10 nM) or vehicle (Veh) for 4 h. n = 2–6; *p < 0.05, one-way ANOVA compared to Veh; #p < 0.05, one-way ANOVA compared to SAA

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