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Table 1 Studies looking at the splenic response to stroke

From: The splenic response to stroke: from rodents to stroke subjects

   Species Type Duration Citation
Observations Splenocyte apoptosis Mus tMCAO 96 h [20]
Increased IFNg levels Mus tMCAO 96 h [8]
Rat pMCAO 96 h [7, 24]
Splenic contraction Rat pMCAO 96 h [7]
Change in spleen size Hu Ischemic Variable [39]
Hu Ischemic hemorrhagic Variable [40]
Splenic contraction (some subjects) Hu Ischemic hemorrhagic Variable [41]
SIRS with splenic contraction (some subjects) Hu Ischemic Variable [42]
Pre-treatment Splenectomy protection (males only) Mus tMCAO 96 h [9]
Splenectomy protection Mus tMCAO 96 h [8]
Rat pMCAO 96 h [6]
Rat ICH 72 h [10]
Carvedilol Rat pMCAO 48 h [18]
Post-treatment RTL Mus tMCAO 96 h [36,37,38]
Splenic irradiation Rat tMCAO 48 h, 7 days [31]
HUCBC’s Rat pMCAO 48 h, 96 h [19, 32,33,34]
NSC Rat ICH 72 h [10]
  1. This table summarizes experiments that involve the splenic response in stroke. Some observational studies, some pre-treatment studies, some post-treatment studies. Studies with mice, rats, and human stroke subjects are included