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Table 2 Canonical pathways

From: Long noncoding RNA MALAT1 in exosomes drives regenerative function and modulates inflammation-linked networks following traumatic brain injury

 Pattern 1  
  Pancreatic adenocarcinoma signaling  
  Role of CHK proteins in cell cycle checkpoint control  
  T helper cell differentiation  
  Cyclins and cell cycle regulation  
  Th1 pathway  
  Bladder cancer signaling  
  Inhibition of angiogenesis by TSP1  
  Dopamine receptor signaling  
  ILK signaling  
  B cell development  
  Cell cycle regulation by BTG family proteins  
  Inhibition of matrix metalloproteases  
  Thyroid cancer signaling  
  HIF1α signaling  
  Crosstalk between dendritic cells and natural killer cells  
  Th1 and Th2 activation pathway  
  Role of JAK family kinases in IL-6-type cytokine signaling  
  Role of JAK1 and JAK3 in γc cytokine signaling  
  Role of Oct4 in mammalian embryonic stem cell pluripotency  
  Autoimmune thyroid disease signaling  
 Pattern 1  Pattern − 1
  Heme biosynthesis II   cAMP-mediated signaling
  Mitotic roles of polo-like kinase   G-Protein coupled receptor signaling
  Heme biosynthesis from uroporphyrinogen-III I   Serine biosynthesis
  Tetrapyrrole biosynthesis II   Superpathway of serine and glycine biosynthesis I
  Estrogen-mediated S-phase entry   LPS/IL-1-mediated inhibition of RXR function
  GADD45 signaling   Protein kinase A signaling
  Cell cycle: G2/M DNA damage checkpoint regulation   Cardiac hypertrophy signaling
  Cyclins and cell cycle regulation   Fatty acid activation
  dTMP de novo biosynthesis   nNOS signaling in skeletal muscle cells
  Cell cycle control of chromosomal replication   Corticotropin releasing hormone signaling
  DNA damage-induced 14-3-3σ signaling  
  Rapoport-Luebering glycolytic shunt  
  Pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis I  
  ATM signaling  
  Antiproliferative role of TOB in T cell signaling  
  Role of CHK proteins in cell cycle checkpoint control  
  Cell cycle: G1/S checkpoint regulation  
  Cell cycle regulation by BTG family proteins  
  Asparagine biosynthesis I  
  γ-Glutamyl cycle