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Fig. 1

From: Cell permeable HMGB1-binding heptamer peptide ameliorates neurovascular complications associated with thrombolytic therapy in rats with transient ischemic stroke

Fig. 1

Serum HMGB1 levels were elevated after thrombolysis in stroke patients and rats. a ELISA data of HMGB1 concentrations in patients’ sera collected pre- and 2 h post-thrombolysis (n = 15). b Cerebral blood flow (CBF) of each rat subjected to ischemia/reperfusion was detected by laser-Doppler and expressed as percentage of basal level. c. ELISA result of serum HMGB1 levels at 30 min pre- and 4 h post-treatment of vehicle saline or tPA in 4.5 h MCAO rats (n = 6). NS: not significant; *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01. Data were shown as mean ± SD

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