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Table 3 Antibodies and reagents used for immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry

From: The human microglial HMC3 cell line: where do we stand? A systematic literature review

mAbs or immunostaining reagents Concentration Final dilution used
 DAPI (4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole, dihydrochloride) (ThermoFisher Cat. N. D1306) 5 mg/ml 1/2000
 Rhodamine phalloidin (ThermoFisher Cat. N. R415) 200 U/ml 1/500
 (Abcam Cat. N. ab15690)
3.5 mg/ml 1/100
Flow Cytometry
mAbs Optimal Ab volume per test (1 × 106) Final dilution used
 PE-conjugated anti-GFAP (BD Pharmingen Cat. N. 561,483) 5 μl 1/40
 PE-conjugated anti-HLA-DR (BD Bioscience Cat. N. 562,304) 5 μl 1/50
 FITC-conjugated anti-CD14 (BD Pharmingen Cat. n 555,397) 20 μl 1/10
 PE-conjugated anti-CD11b (eBioscience™ Cat. N. 12–0118-42) 5 μl 1/20
 PE-conjugated anti CD68 (BD Horizon Cat. N. 564,944) 5 μl 1/40
 FITC-conjugated anti-HLA-ABC (BD Biosciences Cat. N. 555,552) 20 μl 1/10