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Fig. 2

From: Expression of the neuroprotective protein aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator 2 correlates with neuronal stress and disability in models of multiple sclerosis

Fig. 2

ARNT2 is localized to neurons and glia in the healthy mouse spinal cord. a A cross section of the mouse spinal cord at approximately C5 shows numerous ARNT2 (green) expressing cells throughout the gray and white matter of the cord. ARNT2 positivity colocalizing with NeuN+ (red) cells is observed frequently as yellow cells in the dorsal and ventral horns (asterisk) as well as throughout the intermediate zones. b An inset of the central canal from A shows ependymal cells of the central canal are negative for ARNT2, but indeed many GFAP+ cells in the area show positivity for ARNT2 (arrows). c In the white matter, ARNT2 positivity is often associated with GFAP+ astrocytes (arrows) with a fibrous phenotype in arrangements that extend away from the meninges

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