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Fig. 3

From: Expression of the neuroprotective protein aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator 2 correlates with neuronal stress and disability in models of multiple sclerosis

Fig. 3

ARNT2 is expressed differentially between healthy immunized and EAE mice. Staining for ARNT2 in neuronal (NeuN+) or astrocytic (GFAP+) populations was localized predominantly to gray matter neurons and some astrocytes in the gray and white matter of healthy mice. a Compared to healthy mice, less NeuN+ cells stain for ARNT2 as well, giving rise to fewer yellow co-labeled cells (asterisk) in this C5 level image of EAE mice than observed in the healthy mice. With a focus on the dorsal horn (b), this loss in ARNT2 staining in NeuN+ cells seems even more pronounced; the same is true in c where images of the dorsal horn of EAE mice at T5/T6 show lower ARNT2 positivity in NeuN+ cells than observed in the dorsal horn of healthy mice (asterisk)

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