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Fig. 3

From: Microglia prevent peripheral immune cell invasion and promote an anti-inflammatory environment in the brain of APP-PS1 transgenic mice

Fig. 3

Microglia elimination via PLX5622 treatment did not change amyloid-beta plaque pathology in APP-PS1 mice. The total number of ThioflavinS (green)-positive amyloid-plaques was not changed after ablation of microglia in the hippocampus (a, b) and the cortex (d, e). Plaques did not change in size upon treatment with PLX5622 as analyzed by the mean area of ThioflavinS-positive plaques in the hippocampus (c) and the cortex (f). Dapi (blue) was used as nucleus stain. Unpaired Student’s t test (b, e, f) with Welch’s correction (c) was performed (n = 6/group). Scale: 50 μm (a, d)

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