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Table 1 Antibodies for immunocytochemistry

From: α1-antitrypsin mitigates NLRP3-inflammasome activation in amyloid β1–42-stimulated murine astrocytes

Antibody Company Order no. Host Dilution
Anti-goat 488 Life Technologies, USA A11055 Donkey 1:500
Anti-goat 594 Life Technologies, USA A11058 Donkey 1:500
Anti-mouse 488 Life Technologies, USA A21202 Donkey 1:500
Anti-mouse 594 Life Technologies, USA A21203 Donkey 1:500
Anti-rabbit 488 Life Technologies, USA A21206 Donkey 1:500
Anti-rabbit 594 Life Technologies, USA A21207 Donkey 1:500
GFAP EnCor Biotechnology, USA RPCA-GFAP Rabbit 1:1000
Iba 1 Abcam, UK ab107159 Goat 1:200
Iba 1 Millipore, USA MABN92 Mouse 1:600
Iba 1 Wako, Japan 019–19,741 Rabbit 1:1000
NLRP3 Adipogen, USA AG-20B-0014 Mouse 1:333
Olig2 Millipore, USA MABN50 Mouse 1:1000
Olig2 Millipore, USA AB9610 Rabbit 1:500
  1. Primary and secondary antibodies used for immunocytochemical staining are listed