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Table 3 Antibodies for western blotting

From: α1-antitrypsin mitigates NLRP3-inflammasome activation in amyloid β1–42-stimulated murine astrocytes

Antibody Company Order no. Host Dilution
Anti-mouse Sigma-Aldrich, Germany A4416 Goat 1:4000
Anti-rabbit Bio-Rad, USA 170–6515 Goat 1:5000
ASC (N15)-R Santa Cruz, USA sc-22514-R Rabbit 1:1000
Caspase 1 Adipogen 20B0042C100 Mouse 1:1000
Caspase 1 p10 Santa Cruz, USA sc-514 Rabbit 1:1000
Caspase 1 p20 Bioss bs-6368R Rabbit 1:500
IL-1β Abcam, UK ab9722 Rabbit 1:1000
IL-1β Cell Signaling Technology, USA 12242S Mouse 1:1000
IL-18 Abcam, UK Ab71495 Rabbit 1:1000
IL-18 Santa Cruz, USA sc-7954 Rabbit 1:1000
NLRP3 Bioss, USA bs-10021R Rabbit 1:1000
β-actin Santa Cruz, USA sc-47,778 Mouse 1:5000
  1. List of primary and secondary antibodies used for western blotting. Antibodies were diluted in 5% milk