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Fig. 7 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 7

From: CSF1R antagonism limits local restimulation of antiviral CD8+ T cells during viral encephalitis

Fig. 7

Microglia supply co-stimulatory signal 2 for T cell activation in the WNV-NS5-E218A-infected CNS. Mice were fed PLX5622 chow or control chow for 2 weeks, then i.c. infected with WNV-NS5-E218A (104 PFU). At 8 dpi, leukocytes were analyzed from the cortex. a Representative flow cytometry contour plots of P2RY12 expression on CD45+-gated cells to identify resident microglia (P1). b Representative flow cytometry plots of CD11b expression on P2RY12negCD45+ cells to identify infiltrating macrophages (P2). c, d Representative flow cytometry plots of MHCII expression on c P1 microglia and d P2 macrophages. e, f Representative flow cytometry plots of CD80 expression on e P1 microglia and f P2 macrophages. g, h Representative flow cytometry dot plots of CD86 expression on g P1 microglia and h P2 macrophages. i, j Quantification of flow cytometry analysis of i percentages and j total numbers of P1- vs P2-gated cells. k Quantification of percentages and l total numbers of MHCII+CD45+ cells within each P1 and P2 population. m Quantification of percentages and n total number of CD80+CD45+ cells within each P1 and P2 population. o Quantification of percentages and p total numbers of CD86+CD45+ cells within each P1 and P2 population. For quantification panels, each symbol represents an individual control- (black) or PLX5622-treated (red) mouse, and bars indicate mean ± SEM. Data presented are the compilation of two independent experiments with seven to nine mice per group. Statistical significance was calculated using multiple t tests with Welch’s correction. For all data: ns, not significant at P < 0.05; *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001; ****P < 0.0001

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