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Fig. 2

From: Semaphorin4A causes loss of mature oligodendrocytes and demyelination in vivo

Fig. 2

Sema4A causes demyelination of the corpus callosum. Sema4A (1 μg/mL) was injected into the corpus callosum, brain slices were obtained 7 days post-surgery, and tissue slices were stained with Luxol fast blue (a, b, c), myelin basic protein (d, e, f), or CNPase (g, h, i) to visualize the myelin sheath. a Equivolume PBS injection does not cause demyelination. b Sema4A injection causes gross demyelination and loss of architecture. c Quantification of decreased overall myelination (54%) in the outlined region of interest. d PBS injection does not affect MBP staining intensity. e Sema4A injection results in decreased levels of MBP staining. f MBP staining is decreased by 48% after Sema4A injection. g CNPase staining is unaffected by PBS injection. h Sema4A treatment decreases total CNPase staining by 34% (i). PBS and Sema4A groups each had n = 5. Unpaired t tests were used to evaluate differences between PBS and Sema4A groups; *p < 0.05

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