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Table 2 A table showing the mass cytometry panel used to immunophenotype the blood of CRPS and healthy control participants. The columns represent the rare-earth metal isotype used for conjugation, species reactivity, target antigen, clone, manufacturer and staining concentration. The antibody from Fluidigm was purchased metal labelled, and antibodies from all other manufacturers were purchased, metal-conjugated and validated in-house by the Ramaciotti Facility for Human Systems Biology

From: Expansion and activation of distinct central memory T lymphocyte subsets in complex regional pain syndrome

Metal isotype Reactivity Antigen Clone Manufacturer Staining conc. (μg/ml) Staining step buffer
110Pd Mouse, Human CD45 30-F11 BD 6 FACS
115In Human CD8 RPA-T8 Biolegend 4 FACS
141Pr Human CD235ab HIR2 Biolegend 1.6 FACS
142Nd Human CD19 HIB19 BD 1 FACS
143Nd Human CD56 REA196 Miltenyi Biotec 0.5 FACS
144Nd Human TCR γδ B1 BD 2 FACS
145Nd Human CD4 RPA-T4 BD 0.5 FACS
146Nd Human DAP12 406288 R&D systems 1 Perm. buffer
147Sm Human, Mouse TREM-2 237920 R&D systems 8 FACS
148Nd Human CD16 3G8 BD 1.5 FACS
149Sm Human CD25 2A3 BD 1 FACS
150Nd Mouse, Human pSTAT5 [pY694] 47 BD 1.5 Methanol
151Eu Human CD123 (IL-3R) 6H6 Biolegend 1 FACS
152Gd Human CD66b 80H3 Fluidigm 3 (μl/ml) FACS
153Eu Mouse, Human pSTAT1 [pY694] 14/P-Stat1 BD 2 Methanol
154Gd Mouse, Human pAKT [T308] J1.233.371 BD 4 Methanol
155Gd Human CD354 (TREM-1) TREM-37 Biolegend 2 FACS
156Gd Human pp38 MAPK [T180/Y182] 30/p38 MAPK BD 4 Methanol
158Gd Human, Mouse pSTAT3 [Y705] 4/P-STAT3 BD 20 Methanol
159Tb Human CD197 (CCR7) G043H7 Biolegend 8 FACS
160Gd Human CD14 M5E2 Biolegend 6 FACS
161Dy Human CD141 (BDCA3) AD5-14H12 Miltenyi Biotec 8 FACS
162Er Human Foxp3 PCH101 eBioscience 3 Perm. buffer
163Dy Human CD1c L161 Biolegend 1 FACS
164Er Human CD45RO UCHL1 Biolegend 6 FACS
165Ho Human CD61 (Integrin β 3) VI-PL2 Biolegend 1 FACS
166Er Human pp65 (NFκB) [S529] K10-895.12.50 BD 4 Methanol
167Er Human CD11c Bu15 Biolegend 1 FACS
168Er Human pERK 1/2 [Y202/204] 4B11B69 Biolegend 2 Methanol
169Tm Human CD45RA HI100 Biolegend 2 FACS
170Er Human CD3 UCHT1 BD 2 FACS
171Yb Human Arginase-1 14D2C43 Biolegend 4 Perm. buffer
172Yb Human CD130 AM64 BD 8 FACS
173Yb Human, Mouse pMAPKAPK-2 [T334] P24-694 BD 4 Methanol
174Yb Human HLA-DR G46-6 BD 2 FACS
175Lu PE PE PE001 Biolegend 4 FACS
176Lu Human CD127 A019D5 Biolegend 2 FACS
209Bi Human, Mouse T-bet 4B10 BD 1 Perm. buffer
n/a Human pPLC γ 2 [Y759]-PE K86-689.37 BD 200 (μl/ml) Methanol