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Table 3 Representative MRI studies investigating a putative association between inflammation and structural/functional changes in the brain in MDD

From: Role of inflammation in depression relapse

Study Characteristics of MDD samples Number of participants per group Brain regions Method
Felger et al. (2016) [98] Medically stable MDD 48 0 Ventral striatum and vmPFC Functional connectivity
Meier et al. (2016) [99]   73 91 mPFC Cortical volume, thickness, and surface area
Frodl et al. (2012) [100] MDD 40 43 Hippocampus Manual tracing of the bilateral hippocampal and amygdala structure
  1. Abbreviations: HC healthy controls, MDD major depressive disorder, mPFC medial prefrontal gyrus, vmPFC ventromedial prefrontal gyrus