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Fig. 2

From: Morphine immunomodulation prolongs inflammatory and postoperative pain while the novel analgesic ZH853 accelerates recovery and protects against latent sensitization

Fig. 2

CFA then drug. Drug dosing is indicated with green boxes (5 days of drug (D3–8), 2 days wash out (D9–10)) and CFA injection is indicated by the red dashed line. “Days” indicate days after CFA. a Mechanical allodynia was increased by morphine treatment and decreased by ZH853 treatment relative to vehicle treatment. b Thermal hyperalgesia was increased by morphine treatment. ZH853 and morphine reversed hypersensitivity in both von Frey (green box in A) and Hargreaves (green box in b) tests 24 h after implantation of the minipumps, and both drugs were less effective by day 5 of infusion (day 8). c In the CatWalk test, all variables are a proportion of left hind paw (LH) values over right hind paw (RH). Drug treatment did not alter the functional impairments caused by CFA and all animals recovered from gait disturbances by the end of drug treatment. n indicated in bar graphs. Dashed lines indicate difference versus morphine while solid lines indicate difference versus vehicle. Two-way, repeated measures ANOVAs were used in all cases. Error bars indicate SEM. + = veh vs morphine, # = veh vs ZH853, * = morphine vs 853. *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001; ****p < 0.0001

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