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Fig. 4.

From: The heme and radical scavenger α1-microglobulin (A1M) confers early protection of the immature brain following preterm intraventricular hemorrhage

Fig. 4.

Extensive distribution of i.c.v. administered rA1M within regions of high neuronal plasticity following IVH. The relation between A1M (green), and PSA-NCAM (red), a marker of areas with high plasticity, together with the nuclear staining DAPI (blue), in animals with IVH that were administered with i.c.v. rA1M (IVH + rA1M). Selected ROIs of peroxidase activity from corresponding areas, recorded in parallel sections. Rabbit pups with IVH were euthanized at 72 h of age followed by perfusion with saline and freshly prepared 4% PFA. The brains prepared as described in “Materials and methods” section and a number of neuroanatomically comparable regions of interests, the dorsal subventricular zone (dSVZ), ventral SVZ (vSVZ), corpus callosum, and corana radiata, located at the level of caudal forebrain (Level 2) were evaluated. Fluorescence microscope analyses were performed on a wide-field Olympus microscope (IX73) and slide scanning was performed on a Hamamatsu NanoZoomer 2.0-HT Digital slide scanner: C10730. Scanning was performed with a 40x magnification lens. Images used for illustrations, from ROIs, were grabbed with the viewer software NDP.view2 Viewing software. Scale bar of slide scan images indicates 2.5 mm and in ROI images 25 μm

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