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Fig. 5 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 5

From: The heme and radical scavenger α1-microglobulin (A1M) confers early protection of the immature brain following preterm intraventricular hemorrhage

Fig. 5

hA1M reduces structural damage and mitochondrial hypertrophy. Rabbit pups with confirmed IVH, injected i.c.v. with hA1M (IVH + hA1M) or Vehicle (IVH + Vehicle) or Sham Control (no bleeding as confirmed with high-frequency ultrasound), were euthanized at 72 h of age and the brains were removed from the skulls, sectioned at the level of the midseptal nucleus and choroid plexus was fixed and prepared as described in the “Materials and methods” section and observed in a Jeol JEM 1230 electron microscope. Scale in top panel (a) indicates 340 nm and in lower panel (b) 150 nm

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