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Table 3 Antibodies for immunohistochemistry and fluorescence staining

From: TRPV1 mediates astrocyte activation and interleukin-1β release induced by hypoxic ischemia (HI)

Antibody Host Company Cat. no. Dilution Applied Duration
GFAP Mouse Cell signaling #3670 1:300 ICC Overnight 4 °C
Iba1 Goat NOVUS NB100-1028 1:200 ICC Overnight 4 °C
NRLP3 Rabbit NOVUS NBP2-12446 1:50 ICC Overnight 4 °C
ASC Mouse Santa Cruz Bio. SC-271054 1:50 ICC Overnight 4 °C
Caspase-1 Mouse Santa Cruz Bio. SC-398715 1:50 ICC Overnight 4 °C
Il-1β Rabbit Bio-Swamp PAB30679 1:50 ICC Overnight 4 °C
Anti-rabbit IgG-Cy3 Goat Protein tech SA00009-2 1:50 ICC 1 h 37 °C
Anti-mouse IgG-488 Goat EarthOx E032210-01 1:200 ICC 1 h 37 °C
DAPI   Beyotime C1002 1;2000 ICC,IHC 1 min RT