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Table 1 Antibodies, sources, and working dilutions

From: Reactive microglia and IL1β/IL-1R1-signaling mediate neuroprotection in excitotoxin-damaged mouse retina

Antigen Working dilution Host Clone or catalog number Source
Calretinin 1:1000 Rabbit CR 7697 Swant Inc.
Draq5 1:2000 n/a 62251 Thermo Scientific
F4/80 1:250 Mouse MCA497GA Bio-Rad Laboratories
Iba1 1:1000 Rabbit 019-19741 Wako Pure Chemical Industries
Ki67 1:300 Rabbit DRM004 OriGene
Pax6 1:1000 Rabbit 50-103-0098 Biolegend
Tomato Lectin 1:1000 n/a B-1175 Vector Laboratories
GFP 1:500 Chicken Ab13970 Abcam
CD31 1:1000 Mouse 102502 Biolegend
RFP 1:500 Goat Ab8181-200 Origene Technologies
S100b 1:300 Rabbit Ab227914 Abcam