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Table 1 EAE neurological scores

From: A co-ultramicronized palmitoylethanolamide/luteolin composite mitigates clinical score and disease-relevant molecular markers in a mouse model of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Score Clinical signs
0 No sign of disease; the tail is erect, and locomotor activity is intact
0.5 Tail is erect, but the tip is limp
1.0 Tail is limp but signs of movement remain. Locomotor activity is slightly impaired and hind legs are extended
1.5 Tail is limp and one of two hind legs appears to be weak. Balance is slightly impaired
2.0 Tail is limp with no signs of movement; both hind legs are weak. Locomotor activity is impaired, and mice show poor balance and may drag a hind leg. Even in the absence of uncoordinated movement, the mouse presents with inclined head and poor balance
2.5 Tail is limp, both hind legs are weak; one hind leg lacks movement or may be dragging
3.0 Tail is limp and both hind limbs are completely paralyzed. Locomotor activity is clearly impaired
3.5 Tail is limp and both hind limbs are completely paralyzed, partial front leg paralysis. Locomotor activity is clearly impaired. When turned on its side, mouse is unable to right itself
4.0 Tail is limp, complete hind leg, and partial front leg paralysis. In cases where the mouse reaches a score 4 for 2 consecutive days, euthanasia is recommended
4.5 Complete hind and partial front leg paralysis, no movement around the cage. Mouse is not alert. Euthanasia is recommended
5.0 Mouse is dead