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Table 1 List of primary antibodies used for western blot, concentration, incubation parameters, and purpose

From: The effects of human immunoglobulin G on enhancing tissue protection and neurobehavioral recovery after traumatic cervical spinal cord injury are mediated through the neurovascular unit

Antibody Concentration Incubation time and conditions Application
Rabbit anti-rat Iba-1; Wako Laboratory; Chemicals 019-19741 1:1000 Overnight; 4 °C Resident microglia activation
Rabbit anti-rat MMP-9; Millipore; AB19016 1:3000 Overnight; 4 °C Blood-spinal cord barrier degradation
Rabbit anti-hIgG; Abcam; AB109849 1:5000 Overnight; 4 °C Human IgG in the spinal cord
Goat anti-rat occludin; sc-8144 1:500 Overnight; 4 °C Blood spinal-cord barrier integrity
Mouse anti-rat ZO-1; MABT11 1:250 Overnight; 4 °C Blood spinal-cord barrier integrity
Rabbit anti-rat VCAM-1; Abcam; AB134047 1:4000 Overnight; 4 °C Vascular adhesion molecule
Mouse anti-rat β-actin HRP conjugated; ab49900 1:10000 1.5 h; room temperature Loading control